The Way of the Pilgrim – A Spiritual Path for the New Age

In the scenic mountains of western North Carolina, two old friends come together for a week of recreation, including fishing and hiking. During their week of adventure, they discuss a prophecy about the transformation in consciousness of the human race that will take place during the new Age of Aquarius.

Humanity is approaching a major crossroads; we will face a decision to either continue on our current path of self-destruction or free ourselves from our addiction to power, greed, and selfish acquisition. This spiritual study considers humankind’s new path, or pilgrimage, which will change humans’ identification with their egos and reveal their true identities as Soul. It reveals how humanity took a wrong turn back in the time of Atlantis, resulting in the total destruction of the world. Now the long path back to redemption will come to its end during the coming age. The Way of the Pilgrim offers a revelation about the salvation of both the planet and the millions of suffering humans populating it.

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The Way of the Pilgrim

The Way of the Pilgrim